• She works miracles & can fix you right up. She is very knowledgable and Is just amazing. My husband even goes to her.

    Gabriela McNeil
  • Amy is amazing! She is an expert in her field and always willing to help. You will love her and will not be disappointed!! :)

    Gelissa Bernal
  • Amy is great! very knowledgable and she has amazing strong hands I Wouldn't go anywhere else after going to her.

    Sandra Curay
  • Kneading Repairs takes massage therapy treatments to a new level. They provide services that help deal with pain and discomfort. This is the number one place for local area Crossfit athletes go get treated (from prehab to post injury recovery). Bottom line: Check it out, you won't be dissapointed!

    Juan Carlos Valentin
  • Amy is not only an amazing athlete but she knows how to heal an aching body. If you want a real massage Kneading Repair is the place to go!!!!

    Kris N Mari
  • I know this young girl since she was a baby. She is an outstanding achiever and I know she is a true believer in wellness and natural health. Congratulations Amy!! Lots of success!!

    Denise Mendez
  • I can't believe how sensitive your touch is yet very effective Amy really knows her stuff and new methods of healing really help me out fractured ribs. Price points are excellent and her service is unbeatable.

    Stephen Woppy Cinque
  • Had the pleasure of working with Amy. She is an excellent therapist, she takes the time to asses you in order to solve any ailments but more importantly get to the root of the problem. My son attended Amy for treatment with very positive results and now on the road to recovery after having sustained injury to his pelvis.

    Mary Mae Reilly
  • Best Massage I have ever had. Amy is the only one that can actually relieve the pain and discomfort I get in my shoulders and neck. She also helped me stay comfortable throughout my pregnancy. So thankful for Kneading Repair!
    Kaycee Lee DeRisi
  • She exceeds in all she does! Her clients will have her whole heart dedicated in helping them..... Trust her and experience the results!

    Ernie M. Gutierrez